Links & Resources

General Sites

Cool French Comix, Jean-Marc L'Officier's site on French pop culture.

Fantômas et l'Européenne du crime (Fantômas and the European Syndicate of Crime), Loïc Artiaga's site on Fantômas and his descendants such as Diabolik, Satanik, and Kriminal. In French and English.

Serge Gerard's Fantômas site, en Français.

The Novels

The first Fantômas novel has been republished by Dover Books with an introduction by cultural historian Robin Walz, and by Penguin Books with an introduction by John Ashbery. also lists print-on-demand copies of the first five Fantômas novels.

Project Gutenberg offers the free full text of the first five Fantômas novels in English, available online or as free downloads. Open Library similarly offers the free full text of the second, fourth, and fifth novels.

Solar Books has published a modern translation of the third Fantômas novel, The Corpse Who Kills.

Black Coat Press has issued the first-ever English translation of the eighth Fantômas novel, The Daughter of Fantômas, plus the related titles Nick Carter vs. Fantômas and Sherlock Holmes vs. Fantômas, and David White's Fantômas in America (based on the lost 1920s silent film serial directed by Edward Sedgwick).

Lulu Books has reissued the first novel in Allain's continuation of the Fantômas series in the 1920s, The Lord of Terror.

Aunt Violet's Book Museum, Jessica Salmonson & Rhonda Boothe's online bookstore and resource for antiquarian supernatural, fantasy, and mystery literatures.

Bookfinder and American Book Exchange, online search services for out-of-print books (including, of course, the Fantômas novels).

Moe's Books, in Berkeley, California—one of the best used bookstores in the United States.

The Films

Kino Films has released a three-DVD set of Louis Feuillade's brilliant Fantômas serial with English subtitles.

Image Entertainment offers Feuillade's Les Vampires on two DVDs.

Facets Multimedia distribute Feuillade's Fantômas, Les Vampires and Judex.

Video Watchdog, the online version of Tim Lucas' magazine providing encyclopedic coverage of fantastic and unusual films.

The Mexican Comic Book

The Diabolik Homepage, on the Italian comic-book character who provided inspiration for the Mexican Fantomas comic book.

Fantômas & The Avant-Garde

Literatura Argentina Contemporánea offers the complete Spanish-language text of Julio Cortázar's novella Fantomas contra los vampiros mutinacionales.

Ipecac Records, home to the dada-metal band Fantômas fronted by Mike Patton of Faith No More/Mr. Bungle fame.