Notes from Friends of Fantômas

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Notes on the 1960s Fantômas films in Cuba:

Mario Nuñez: Memories of underdevelopment: the 1960s Fantômas films in Cuba.

Andres Vidal: Fantômas in Cuba.

Notes from fans of the Mexican Fantomas comic book:

Francisco Guerrero: Synopses of several of Fantomas' adventures.

José Luis Silva: A detailed survey on the publication of the Mexican comic book, plus its connections to Diabolik, Santo, and the US television series The Fugitive.

Marco Antonio Zamorano Cruz: More publication info about the comics.

Eugenio González: Differences between the French arch-criminal and the Mexican superhero.

Johannes Dalmasy: Mores notes on the Latin American Fantomas.

Manuel Camacho: The political context of the Mexican Fantomas.

Enrique Acosta: Connections to Grendel and the Black Terror, plus the Mexican comic book.

Trevor Stevens: The horror novels of Gustave LeRouge, precursors of Fantômas.

Tim Lucas: Additional films, from the publisher of Video Watchdog magazine

David Chute: Fantômas-related books.

Anonymous: Missing items from the bibliography

Tosh Berman: Fantômas, My Love

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