Notes from Friends of Fantômas

Anonymous writes: As a true Fantômas addict, this the first time I see your website. I think it is a big amount of work that you've started. But it seems some work is missing:
Fantômas vole des blondes (1948) (it exists cause I've got the book)
Fantômas mène le bal (Constellation no. 184-187, 1963)
And I believe that a few lines about the comics
Fantômas contre les nains (Gavroche 1941)
Fantômas et l'enfer sousmarin (unpublished)
will make your website the bible of a Fantômas fan.

We made the arbitrary decision to stop the Fantômans bibliography at the end of the 1930s, partly because there are so many later reissues and abridgments (some with different titles). However, we are happy to add additional items here. If any Friends are aware of anything else that we've missed in our listings of Fantômas-related films, books, etc, please let us know.

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